A Heartfelt Note from a Humanities MOOC Professor

Charlie Chung, eCOTOOL, Jul 14, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is similar to my own experience in MOOCs: "I see a form of teaching-and-learning—of listening and responding—that differs sharply from the classroom life I’m accustomed to, in that it draws on the experiences of older and more ‘tested’ readers, and it then ‘threads’ those perceptions into an ongoing ‘tapestry’ of sorts, as you respond to one another. This is, at its best, intellectual exchange of a high order, but I’d close on another note entirely: it is moving, in every sense of that term: emotional, kinetic, temporal, digital." It's Arnold Weinstein of Brown University, who is teaching 'The Fiction of Relationship' (Coursera link).

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