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Summarizing the Learning Analytics Summer Instituite (LASI), Heli Nurmi notes in passing "During the week we got the recordings from the LAK13 conference,which was held in Leuven, Belgium. There are 40 presentations, 19 hours to watch and listen." She recommends Abelardo Pardo (who gives a nice talk on the 'middle space' between learning and technology) and Doug Clow, as well as blogs by Stephanie Richter and, again, Doug Clow.I've added both to the mix of sources I read.

Me, I don't think people have grasped yet the scale of academia today. In any given field, there are more experts and geniuses working at this very moment that in the entire history of the field. If I went into the office Monday and started watching these videos on the job, I'd be done some time Wednesday. Nobody can understand everything in a field; even mastering a subfield can be a significant challenge.

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