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Beyond MOOC Hype

Ry Rivard, Ignatia Webs, Jul 09, 2013

This is essentially an article describing how educational institutions are looking at taking control of MOOCs to have them support in-class learning rather than challenging it. It takes a circuitous route to this destination. First, it raises doubts about MOOCs, citing the Gartner hype cycle, citing faculty concerns about their jobs and admin concerns that "that corporations and not universities will end up controlling the future of higher ed." As if they care. Then, it redefines the mission of MOOCs, citing Udacity's Sebastian Thrun ("Up front, I believe that online education will not replace face to face education, and neither is it supposed to"), Coursera's Andrew Ng ("...using online courseware to free up class time for students enrolled at a university") and American College of Educator's Carol Geary Schneider ("she does see potential for MOOCs to help flip classrooms so professors can spend less time lecturing in class and more time engaging students.")

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