ICT in Education in Africa - Myth or Reality: A Case Study of Mozambican Higher Education Institutions

Xavier Muianga, et.al., Jul 05, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

If ever there was a nation that posed a challenge for the idea of online learning, Mozambique is probably it. Emerging from decades of way, struggling against persistent food-poverty, and still working to achieve electrification, internet and communications technologies may seem o be a luxury to many. But most all agree that edcuation will play a key role in the country's development, and there is a strong demand for the support of internet technologies in educational institutions, including online and distance learning, despite the challenges. Thus ICT in education remains a government priority, and the country has made large (but uneven) strides in the last 20 years. This paper on the state of ICT in education in Mozambique is a fascinating read, and while we can't conclude that everything is great, we are left with the impression that the internet and online learning are doing more to help the country than to hinder it.

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