CATA Launches and the Summer Innovation Programming

Jul 04, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Courses on the AcceleratorU platform range from $5 to $25. The site is really sluggish but is in just-launched mode. "Some people prefer to learn on their own schedule, others prefer set times, interaction and support. AcceleratorU offers every curriculum in each method, to you can live your life while still advancing your dream." They're not being called MOOCs (because they're not) but these almost-open online courses are filling a huge gap in corporate learning. It's like this article from eLearning Guild (subscription, extract only (sorry)) says. "Known as the “Summer of Learning,” their course on HTML5 attracted 10,000 participants in August 2012 and was specifically designed to bridge their known skills gap and fill open jobs. Now, less than a year after that first offering, Aquent has placed more than 200 candidates in new positions." The revolution is consumer-based.

See also this, from CATA's John Reid: "Canada is no longer one of the top 10 innovation countries due to our declining educational funding, reduced # of patents being filed, scarcity of investment capital to fuel emerging growth, reduced numbers of companies going public and sustaining growth globally, and declining expertise in innovation execution. In Canada, there is no more ground to lose anymore. We are in a crisis and we cannot fall anymore in global innovation rankings. To help close the innovation gap we must think outside the box. The current practices and processes for agile learning are not working anymore."

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