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Good review of Salman Khan’s The One World Schoolhouse and of the educational ideas that spawned it. Khan, of course, offered thpousands of video lessons on math and physics for free on YouTube. Reviewer Francis Schrag dismisses criticisms of this project as a "groundswell of resentment, pointing out as well that the Khan videos were not meant to instantiate the Khan program of self-managed learning. "The Khan Academy modules do not aspire to be innovative." But Schrag has other criticisms to offer. He cites, for example, Karim Kai Ani’s to argue that the humanities and history do not lend themselves easily to programatic learning the way math and physics do. Additionally, he dopes not believe children can discover worthwhile pursuits on their own; "we will still want places where children can be initiated into worthy pursuits by adult mentors." But the review ends on a vaguely positgive note, so who knows?

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