Making OER available on multiple platforms

Suzanne Hardy, James Outterside, Roger Griset, Andy Beggan, Jun 23, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Any presentation that begins with a slide featuring kittens is worth passing along. The presentation included CC-licensed cake (samples of which were unfortunately not available online). The first presentation is from Suzanne Hardy and James Outterside. The presentation describes a series of OER tools and repositories such as PublishOER, SupOERglue, and the RIDLR learning registry. There's an Elsevier connection I don't quite get, but you can download the code and do it on your own (go to the 15:32 minute for URLs). Next is a talk from Roger Griset on Open Apps, and finally Andy Beggan on Making OER available on multiple platforms (at 35:20) which focuses especially on creating eBooks. Some interesting remarks about the different platforms (45:00 minute mark). Also interestingly, 77 percent of the downloads were iBook, 18.5 percent ePub, and only 4.5 percent OER downloads.

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