Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World

Ulises Mejias, Jun 14, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Oh cool, Ulises Mejias has given us some weekend reading - "new book, Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World, ... In it, I propose that digital networks increase opportunities for social and civic participation at the same time that they create certain kinds of inequalities, and I explore the question of how we would go about "unthinking" the network, and to what end. You can pick up a paper copy from your favorite bookseller. Thanks both to Minnesota Press and SUNY Oswego, the book is also available in an open access format, so you can read or download the whole manuscript right now -- for free! You can share the news by using the link (which redirects you to the publisher's page). Or you can send people to my personal website:" We don't really have bookstores in Moncton any more (there's a Chapters but it mostly sells gifts and toys) but if I see it anywhere I'll be sure to but it - having a Mejias on your bookshelf is like having a fine wine.


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