The Secret(s) to OpenStack's Overnight Success

Matt Asay, Jun 12, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OpenStack is an open source cloud services platform, similar to Amazon's web services, but created by a company called RackSpace and opened up to the community. It is free open source software released under the Apache license (so says Wikipedia). Here's a half-hour video introduction to OpenStack. It includes an object store, an image service, a computing service, and block storage (see the diagram above). Here's another intro. What does it mean, really? Today, people pay for web server hosts - that's how I run this website, for example. In ther future, they will be able to pay for object storage and computing power, including services and functions, as as my website gets more popular, these services will scale up with it, without me having to worry about adding extra machines and storage. And I'll be able to use it to support applications and services that can be run on a desktop, mobile phone, or inside a car - wherever I want.

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