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Not that I would ever fit into the TED mindset, nor am I nominating myself, but it's still an interesting exercise. Were TED to give me a million dollars, I would put it in the bank and live on the interest. This would enable me to leave my job and do what I'm doing now, without the overhead, writing, thinking and speaking on issues related to learning and access to education, and working on projects like PLEs and MOOCs and open learning generally (anyone else with a million dollars is free to contribute should TED not recognize the wisdom of my plan). (As an aside, because people ask: yes, I would speak at TED if asked, but I would speak on how projects like TED do more harm than good, about how rich people with cute ideas are the problem, not the solution, to world problems, and how community-sourcing supported by equitable income distribution is the most sustainable way forward. As Chris Anderson would say: not TED material.)

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