Pattern recognition, quantified self and big data

Esko Kilpi, May 27, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good post on how people reason and how people manage their lives. "Most of the choices we make each day are believed to be the products of well-considered, rational decisions based on knowledge, but they are not. They are repeating patterns, habits." Most of your life, writes Esko Kilpi, is run on autopilot. This can be dangerous - "neither the brain nor the people in a tightly knit community can, in the end, tell the difference between a bad habit and a good habit." This is why it is important to seek out a wide range of diverse experiences, to shake up our day-to-day by meeting new people and taking on new challenges. "The productivity suites of tomorrow are going to be a combination of sensors, big data and quantified-self technologies. When used together, these create totally new opportunities for live feedback, daily reflection and iterative change. And, most importantly – based on our unique context and our own unique storyline."

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