Connected Learning: A Learning Approach Designed for Our Times

Whitney Burke, Extreme Tech, May 15, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Whitney Burke writes in Huffington Post about "a new approach to learning, connected learning." It's based "a fourth R: relevance." Burke writes, "Today 'relevance' means preparing all young people for a rapidly changing, interconnected world where learning transpires long after the school bell rings and creative and critical thinking skills are in constant demand." In practice, "connected learning "connects academics to a young person's interests and daily life and affords opportunities for the learner to draw rich social support from a tight-knit group of mentors, teachers, parents and peers." The approach has its own website and is fostered by the The Digital Media & Learning Research Hub. Here's a report describing the approach in detail. Readers will be forgiven if the report reads point for point like it's describing connectivism and networked learning as we practice it, though as I suggest here, "It's much more communal and participation-oriented than the approach I take."

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