Learning Theory

Richard Millwood, May 14, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a great big graph of 'learning theories'. As summarizedby Cammy bean, "With hyperlinks galore, you can drill down to learn about Vygotsky (and possibly even how to say it!), scaffolding, experiential learning and more." To me, it's just a really complicated way to make the point that connectivism is not a theory.

And, actually, a note on terminology. To me, these - constructivism, critical pedagogy, instructivism - are educational theories, or perhaps instructional theories. They do not describe how learning takes place. Learning is the formation of connections between nodes in a networks. A 'learning theory' describes a process that fosters the formation of these connections, such as Hebbian Associationism, Back Propagation, or Boltzmann mechanisms.

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