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Brian Lamb, Edge, Apr 18, 2013

As Brian Lamb observes, a recent post of mine on the rebranding of MOOCs has struck a nerve in the community (Lamb lists responses from Jim Groom, David Kernohan, Martin Weller, Tony Hirst, David Wiley, D’Arcy Norman, Pat Lockley, Richard Hall). Some of them have been supportive, some less so, and some incomprehensible. Brian Lamb picks up on the suggestion that my conception of MOOCs, like Edupunk before it, means we do everything on our own, with no help from anyone else. Which is of course a mischaracterization. It was much more simple: “Corporations are selling us back our ideas, innovations, and visions for an exorbitant price. I want them all back, and I want them now!” But history, as Lamb notes, is being rewritten by those with time and money to do so.

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