Twitter Is Dead

Karoli, Open Journal of Philosophy, Apr 08, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I personally think Twitter has long since passed its best-before date, but now I think the realization is dawning on wider circles. It happened with Twitter transitioned from being a sharing site to being a marketing site. The failure becomes when some of the marketing begins to smell, well, off. For example, as Karoli observes, Michelle Malkin's 'Twitchy' site. "For those unfamiliar with Twitchy, Malkin trolls those she disagrees with, retweets and/or has one of her trolls blog about it, then the army of fake accounts jumps inand trolls the unsuspecting person who dared to say something Malkin didn’t like. There are three elements to Malkin’s scheme that spell Twitter’s doom: Trolling, fake accounts, and gamed hashtags."

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