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I was enlisted as a 'friend of the MOOC' as the ocTEL MOOC was being prepared, and now I'm feeling guilty because I really had no time to help when they were planning, but now have comments as they're running into some opening week difficulties. But perhaps difficulties were inevitable, with or without my help; as Karen Head says, "I don't think any institution was, or could be, fully ready for the endeavor." Additionally, as I've seen over and over again, people try to do on-campus things in MOOCs, without comprehending the distortions scale adds (conversely, the apply MOOCs to on-campus activities, not comprehending that they are removing the benefits scale offers). I would add that while the title of this post says the MOOC is 'in progress', they're really still preparing content for it. You don't understand the meaning of 'in progress' until you have thousands of people running through your site.

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