Break a Few Eggs - Stepping Away from Google

Miguel Guhlin, The New Inquiry, Apr 03, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Miguel Guhlin reviews what he would have to part with to eliminate his dependence on Google. He depends on the search-engine giant a lot more than I do (I tend not to rely on one provider). I don't really use GMail at all (because if I did, all notifications would by default be sent to GMail, which I don't want). Nor do I use Picassa. I do use Blogger, but it's all automatically backed up. I also use Reader, but Google is taking take of that dependence for me. I use Google+ but it's more of an annoyance than a service. The one big thing is Google Drive, to which I signed up just before Google went on its anti-open campaign. But I can kill that account and migrate over to DropBox (at least until I learn how to make cloud storage out of my own WD Drives.

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