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I wondered about this. "Updates from Google's service, which pledges to notify users every time new search results appear for any keyword they might like to track, have trickled to a halt in recent months." Beth Kanter follows the logic. "There’s a rumor going around that Google Alerts is next one to be killed off.    Colleague Nancy Schwartz shared this post from Mashable about a new free tool called Mention.  I immediately checked it out and simply love it for its simplicity and ease of use.   Even if the rumor is not true,   I’m switching to this tool.   Some more alternatives and discussion from nonprofit folks here." I was a bit surprised to find there was a download involved. And I'm very discouraged about the very small print in the corner saying '30 days left on free trial'. *sigh* Maybe I'll just write a script to execute a Google search every day and report back.

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