The Ever Changing State of the Learning Technology Industry

Josh Bersin, International Centre for Complex Project Manage ment (ICCPM), Mar 20, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good overview of the evolution now happening in the learning technology industry. Learning management sstems were replaced by talent management systems, which were then integrated into information systems. Meanwhile, learners themselves began using social and cloud technology. In the $1.8 billion core learing technologies market, "today’s modern learning technology platform should manage formal courses, all forms of digital content, e-commerce, social features, employee profiles, competency-based learning, assessment, and often integrate with talent management." The market isn't simply moving to better technologies to teach stuff: it's about supporting a learning culture, sharing expertise, and building cvapacity as part of the core business. Good stuff which should be an easier sell in the corner office than it seems to be.

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