Hacking the Classroom: Beyond Design Thinking

Jackie Gerstein, In Our Time: Philosophy, Mar 11, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Sometimes people ask me what research methodology I employ, and after referring them to Paul Feyerabend and appropriate scepticism about research methodologys, I usually wave my arms in the direction of somethng like design methodology, which people can accept. Design methodology is how I set up my website, and design methodology is the process that created the first MOOCs. But what is that? This post sort of approaches it with this diagram - but in my world these are not stages, they are parallel processes (or, more accurately, occasional processes). At any given time, I may be solving a problem, pursuing an idea, learning how to do something - whatever. Design is the process that follows that, and is (in my world) wholly informed by the tools at hand and the objective I am trying to satisfy. It there is any method to this madness, it is only observable retroactively, and is usually a rationalization.

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