Re-thinking Workplace Learning: extracting rather than adding

Charles Jennings, What is the (Next) Message?, Mar 08, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Typically when people think of workplace learning they think of the learning as something added to the work. That's the sense of the phrase "on the job training" - as though training weren't something you would notmally be doing. Charles Jennings recasts that way of thinking in what I think is a compelling manner - instead of learning being added to the work, it's something extractedfrom the work. Now this isn't 'knowledge capture' or some similar information mining technique. The idea here is one of supporting staff to learn more from their day-to-day work activities. This approach creates challenges: "It can’t be managed and controlled in the way discrete training and learning injections into the workflow can be, [and]most of the learning processes are opaque to HR and L&D."

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