What can I do with my educational data? (#lak13)

Sheila MacNeill, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Mar 06, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think this topic will be on the top of a lot of minds in the next little while. No, not simple "what can I do with my educational data?" though that will certainly be the topic of conversation. But the other one: who owns my educational data? The question was prompted for Sheila MacNeill by the recent #etmooc webinar featuring Audrey Watters titled 'who owns your education data?' "This idea also chimes with the work of the Tin Can API project, and closer to home in the UK the MiData project. The latter is more concerned with more generic data around utility, mobile phone usage than educational data, but the data locker concept is key there too." I think that it's useful to think of educational data in the same terms as health data: there's certainly going to be some out there that belongs to practitioners and employers, but for the most part, in the main, it needs to be personal and private. But how does that square with learning analytics as it is currently being discussed? In a word: it doesn't.

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