The changing role of L&D: from packaging to scaffolding plus social capability building

Jan Hart, Learning in the Modern Workplace, Mar 01, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The argument here is that MOOCs and personal learning are not for everyone. And in this column Jane Hart shows what aspects of learning are suited to MOOCs, and what are not, as illustrated above (and edited by Harold Jarche). Note most importantly that we're no longer interested in creating all-inclusive course 'packages' and are rather more interested in providing access to resources and help using them. It's a different mindset (and not one the prepackaged MOOCs have attained yet). She writes, "rather than trying to design, create, deliver or even 'control' what happens there, there is also a need for a focus on 'building the new personal and social capabilities' that are are going to be required by the new 'connected workers', in order for them to work and learn effectively in the digitally connected workplace."

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