FutureLearn: pedagogical & mLearning MOOC platform - the approach

Inge de Waard, Arthur Fontaine's Blog, Mar 01, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Inge de Waard writes, "I am a bit enthusiastic here - read subjective - but after hearing yesterday’s introduction focusing on the pedagogical and design plans of the FutureLearn MOOC platform from Mr UK-MOOC himself – Mike Sharples." Important design principles include ubiquity and mobile design, "pedagogy linked to mobility and social media," meeting actual learner needs, but also, pedagogy and scaffolding. But here's the toughest part: "I really believe," writes de Waard, "the approach starting from a strong, contemporary pedagogy is the only way to have a sound base for any learning platform, but … turning this into practice can proof to be quite challenge." My concern is that "strong, contemporary pedagogy" might be wrong in some important ways, and that building a MOOc to be too much like what we already know might derail its disruptive potential. But maybe that's just me.

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