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Anastas Stoyanovsky, European Space Agency, Feb 27, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The self-styled University of Reddit website uses the popular discussion board software to support open online learning. A typical class consists of a class page and discussions. Some people say it's not an open initiative, citing the terms of service (which basically prohibit mirroring and using the material for commercial purposes; mind you, OERu, which has been called "distinctively open", charges money for credentials, so I guess what counts as 'open' depends on who flavours your tea). Anyhow, Reddit currently has a project on Kickstarter called Open Compass, which is intended to advance the initiative. The plan is to include live lecture streaming, course management software, speech-to-text transcripts and peer interaction. The intent is that it be open to any teacher. They promise it will be different from Coursera and EdX, etc., but honestly, I don't see how. Anyhow, they're nowhere near their goal, having reached only $3,800 of $14,000.

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