Jalopnik reboot hints at new era for Gawker where readers become writers

Tim Carmody, CanTech Letter, Feb 13, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

One of my long-time objectives is realized in this development. It has always seems to me that comments on webstes, along with things like posts on discussion lists, should become blog posts in their own right. There are tons of reasons for this: it effectively solves the problem of comment spam, it makes writers more reasonable when they post to their own site, it distributes authoriship acorss the web, etc. I even envisioned an additional extension for email (I called it rmail)! Now I don't get enough comments on this site to make it a high priority coding project, and sites like blogger and even WordPress have never made it easy for thrid-party sites like me. And content hubs like Gawker like to keep the comments - and the page views - inside the house, to drive revenue. But this article describes at least a part of the right solution. It makes a person's comments in one place become a blog post in another place. One day the whole web will be like that. One day.

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