Twitter Announces Vine. But How Could Higher Education Use 6-second long Videos?

Brian Kelly, Sharing, Jan 25, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Twitter's response to the popularity of animated GIFs is the six-second long video. I'm not sure they really capture the essence of the format (it's not the short length; animated GIFs are sometimes quite long, it's that they can be sent and embedded anywhere, most manifestly not like Twitter content these days). So anyhow, Brian Kelly experimented with Twitter's vine, wondering how useful they are in the service of education. The verdict? Not very. "I then started to write this post – and discovered that I couldn’t find the URL for the video clips I had created and uploaded to Vine. I can view the videos using the Vine app and people who follow me on Vine will see the videos in their Vine timeline but it seems as though they are not available via a Web interface." The new Twitter: web-hostile.

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