Toward Better Conversations

Anil Dash, A Blog About Making Culture, Jan 15, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

They're probably getting publicity just because they're from the right circles (ie., Princeton) but the concept is sufficiently sound to pass along - with some caveats. The idea here is to build better conversation - something the web has been short on recently. What we want is a way to create and (just as importantly) manage online conversations. I'm not sure this project is it, but it does some righ things: it gives a space for people to have their conversation publicly without all the "die bart die" trolls interrupting the flow, while still providing a way for outsiders to contribute. Big negative, though: you have to login via Twitter. That's a deal-breake in my mind. But it shows there's fertile ground for people in the wrong circles to build something that actually works, and they don't need to work the Twitter connection.

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