Lucidchart: a free collaboration tool for teachers

Eliza Wright, A GeekyMomma's Blog, Jan 11, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I've been using to make flowcharts for gRSShopper - it's pretty basic, and doesn't share the way I'd like it to, but it's free. was set up to demonstrate the mxGraph Javascript diagramming library and works quite well as a drawing tool. You can find it on GitHub. Here's more on the plug-in. Here's where I tried to share a drawing using Google Drive (also pictured above). I used to use Gliffy, but recently the service became too expensive, charging me after only five diagrams. The post I link to here is blatant marketing a guest post on Lee Kolbert's blog describing  Lucidchart, another web-based drawing program it says is "completely free for educators and students." For individual users, though, it's quite expensive and from my non-expert's eye appears to be just the same as (p.s. I have been flooded with requests asking me to post guest posts, links and infographs - they're all marketing and I won't run them (and other bloggers shouldn't either)).

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