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Via email, the following: "We are offering a MOOC from 16 January onwards (till 22nd February). The course shall take place in a connectivistic manner (cMOOC), we call it 'MOOC Maker Course' as it will focus on the process of developing and running an Open Course. Hashtags at Twitter and Google+ are either #howtomooc or #mmc13. Unfortunately information in our blog is provided in German, you might find it interesting to have a quick look at it nevertheless. The URL is What makes the MOOC special (at least in our opinion) is that we created some special roles to involve all interested folks in different ways. E.g. there are so-called 'reflectors' and even some “wiki supporters” as we will work out a sort of howtomooc-tutorial in a wiki (the URL is not open yet)."

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