The US election was a wake up call for data illiterate journalists

Paul Bradshaw, Online Journalism Blog, Nov 08, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The difference between old education and new education is the same as this: "Journalists get access to privileged information from official sources, then evaluate, filter, and order it through the rather ineffable quality alternatively known as 'news judgment,' 'news sense,' or 'savvy' ... Silver’s process — his epistemology — is almost exactly the opposite of this: Where political journalists’ information is privileged, his is public, coming from poll results that all the rest of us see, too." Now I'm not saying new education boils down to numbers and data. What I'm saying is that while old education traded on privileged access to expert opinion, new education is based on media accessible to all. Of course, it's not like journalsts have learned any lessons.

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