Poznan, Poland

Stephen Downes, Flickr, Oct 15, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

After visiting Potsdam I took a few days and the train to Poznan, Poland. I discovered a city that was grey and gritty - it was, after all, October, coal-burning time - but also filled with colour and life, with one of the greatest hidden treasures - a city downtown-sized citadel park with war graves, exhibits, fortress walls and a vast expanse of park and artwork, a central square with unique brightly coloured houses, an incredible (abandoned?) factory (pictured, above) and some of the best fortress and castle architecture around. I set the camera to 3200 to capture as much depth as I could in the grey October sky and took and processed 180 HDRs, of which I've presented here the best 50. Here's the slide show. Enjoy.

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