Ben Werdmuller, benwerd, Aug 24, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is interesting. Benwerd comments, "Tent appeared out of the blue today: a protocol and reference server implementation for individual-to-individual distributed social networking. Or to put it another way, Tent is a way to host your own social data – posting and reading from as many apps as you want. Here’s their announcement, and here’s the GitHub repository." This is exactly what we need. Here are the major points of the Tent manifesto:

  • Every user has the right to freedom of expression.
  • Every user has the right to control their own data.
  • Every user has the right to choose and change their social services providers.

And this (from the Tent page) is key to me: "Tent is decentralized, not federated or centralized. Any Tent server can connect to any other Tent server. All features are available to any server as first-class citizens. Anyone can host their own Tent server." This is what I have been trying to build with MOOCs and ed tech and the rest of it (it is almost impossible to get any level of corporate or institutional support for the concept, naturally).

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