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Charles Leadbeater, Website, Aug 10, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Only the first three chapters are available online, but we do get the entire first draft, as well as research reports written by Anna Maybank in support of the book, so there's a lot of value here. The message, I think, is one that is familiar to readers here: the internet is enabling mass coversation, mass collaboration, which in turn is resulting in massinnovation in things like Wikipedia and Linux. And what motivates quality contributions to these mass projects? In the past, you were what you owned, but today, according to Leadbeater, you are what you share. I like the bird's nest analogy in the video, in the sense that each one of us contributes a twig or piece of string to the overall shape - but I think in this case the metaphorical  nest emerges from the contributions, rather than being designed by something larger like a bird.

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