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I think my best way to explain my take on this is through my own history. Some time way back when I was shown the video Not a Love Story, which describes how images of women are distorted in advertising. It influenced my thinking not because it represented a particular stance, but because it was based on an actual analysis of the material and made its case through evidence, not mere argumentation. That's why projects which examine how images of women are created are important. You might this, it's not necessary any more - but as this post shows, people still don't understand that basic inequalities - everything to pay equity to harassment to the size of cheering crowds - don't just happen, they are created. So that's why Anita Sarkeesian's project, to do a series of videos examining the representation of women in video games, is important. That's why it needed to be funded. As for the shameful response - well, that too is why these videos are needed.

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