Valve's new employee handbook is chock-full of awesome, read it now

Shawn Knight, TechSpot, Jun 14, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I was quite unhappy when I discovered that Civilization V is run on an online application called Steam. I'm less unhappy now knowing that it still works when I'm offline and that it works just as well on my Macbook as on my Windows PC desktop. Civ V has grown a bit on me over time and yesterday I defeated it at Deity level for the first time ever (now I have a bunch of work to catch up on). But today, my affection for Valve, the company that makes Steam, grew by leaps and bounds with the discovery and reading of this handbook. It describes an organization with no managers, with self-organizing groups, and a workforce that decides for itself what it will do. This is the model of the future I have been describing and it's amazing to see that it not only actually exists but also that it has shipped product that I actually use. Here it is: read for yourself. See also coverage on Kotaku. Item via Flamehaus and Cooperative Catalyst.

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