The Big Fat Canadian Wedding Tax - Pay Three Pipers and Double for Dancing

Howard Knopf, Excess Copyright, Jun 04, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This one is making the rounds in circles where talk of copyright and royalties is a rarity. Under new regulations, DJs have to pay an additional tariff for songs played at wedding recentions. And most oddly, this tariff is doubled if there's dancing. Howard Knopf observes, "There are numerous media references to this as a “tax” and to the fact that it’s retroactive. Indeed, the media focus on this tariff is remarkable, compared to most other Board tariffs. The Board will presumably take note of all this media coverage, since it now has recently entered into a contract with a "newspaper clippings and reports services" provider." Or DJs could just use royalty-free Creative Commons licensed music. Meanwhile, "In an era of 'no new taxes', Canada’s copyright system is the gift that keeps giving to its more than three dozen copyright collective, their consultants and their counsel. And Canadian citizens from newlyweds to university presidents are beginning to take notice."

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