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Good analysis of criteria for evaluating proposed digital rights management (DRM) solutions. I can't think of any of these I disagree with (paraphrased from the article):
  • Is the proposal technically feasible? Note that no proposed technical protection measures are strong enough to sustain a determined attack.CRLF
  • What is the feasibility of legal enforcement, bothCRLFdomestically and internationally? If you have to pass laws to make the system work, you are limited by borders.CRLF
  • What are the incentives to circumvent legal and technicalCRLFprotection for all parties in the transaction? Incentives for users to cheat will depend on the price per copy of digital works and the restrictions that are placed on usage.CRLF
  • How efficient is the proposed solution? This includes both financial transactions and monitoring.CRLF
  • What are the impacts on user privacy and fair use? CRLF
  • How flexible is the solution? Does it allow various other solutions to be implemented?CRLF

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