Social Apps, By Default, Are Hijacking Facebook

Steve Borsch, Connecting the Dots, May 04, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Netflix has been really really really insisting recently that I sign up with Facebook, insisting to the point of making me login again every time I start it up on my iPad. What it wants to do of course is to send a Facebook post every time I watch something new. I'm quite sure nobody wants to see a reference to every single one of the 132 episodes of Xena: Warrior Princes I watched over the last six months or so (I just finished the series Wednesday) especially given that it took two or three tries to get through some of the season 6 episodes. Nor do they want to see me flip back and forth between Breaking Bad, Captain America, Battlestar Galactica and Mad About You as I 'flip channels' bouncing from one show to another to find one in sync with my tastes. But that's the world of Facebook Apps these days, and of course, with One True Identity I can't create separate streams for different stuff. Steve Borsch talks about editing apps - me, I don't use apps in Facebook at all.

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