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Tim Bush reports on the European JRC report on Future Learning - a "solid read", he says. "The key, say the report’s authors, lies with personalisation, collaboration and informalisation. It’s acknowledged that these aren’t new ideas, but now they have to move centre-stage, and become guiding principles for the whole of life-wide and lifelong learning – 'A central learning paradigm…shaped by the ubiquity of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)'" Yes, we've heard it all before, but the message has fallen mostly on unbelieving ears. Maybe now? Unrelated: Miscrosoft surveyed me about its cloud software, which will (presumably?) replace traditional Office offerings. I wasn't asked, but if I could offer my views on software I have to pay for every month, on pain of losing access? Goodness, no. The last thing I need should I lose my income is to also lose all my software.

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