Paper: the next great iPad app, from the brains behind Courier

Ellis Hamburger, The Verge, Mar 30, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So far, the only thing I really use the iPad for is watching movies on Netflix. I also have the Major League Baseball app to listen to ball games (no video - the entire country of Canada is deemed 'local' to Toronto and blacked out, even though it's a $500 flight to get to a game) (and no recordings - if I want to listen to games completed earlier in the day (or yesterday) I have to listen on my computer; the app doesn't support replays) (this sort of hobbled functionality is typical of the iPad, and why I hardly use it). But a program like Paper could change that, if it lived up to the hype. I have to admit, I'm liking what I see people doing with it. Isw it a pain-free user experience? Um - no. If you look at it more closelt, you have to pay extra for everything: $1.99 to sketch, $1.99 to write, $1.99 for colour. Ouch. Back to Netflix (I'm struggling through season 6 of Xena, episode 117 or 132 - you can see why the series never made it to season 7).
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