One-on-one online tutoring at $28 an hour

Tony Bates, online learning, distance education resources, Mar 26, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So what kind of money will be made in the education of the future? If you're thinking one-to-one services will be where the big money is, think again. "Students may prepay for a plan or purchase tutoring by the hour at $27.99 per hour. In addition, the tutoring sessions are recorded and archived, allowing students to revisit previous sessions at no additional cost from their personalized video archive." That's the best-case; Tony Bates remarks "So $28 an hour seems a high price for individual online tutoring for school kids, especially when you can get the Khan Academy for free." Of the $28 per hour, some of this goes to the tutor, and a good chunk goes to the company for advertising, host services and account management. If anyone's getting rich, it's the person managing massive tutor farms with thousands of tutors. Nice picture.
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