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Clark Quinn, Learnlets, Mar 26, 2012

Those of us who attended EdgeX 2012 in Delhi were encouraged to write a post based on the experience (I am far away from being able to do that yet) and this is Clark Quinn's. His emphasis is on the problem of scale in India. "One fact kept recurring; the scope was trying to raise 350-500 million learners. That is, the 150 million discrepancy between those two is just a rounding error – we’re talking hundreds of millions of learners!" I think most of what we do - driving to work, eating a hamburger with fries, going out for a movie - does not scale to this degree either. We need to understand this: as Gwynne Dyer wrote the other day, "it would take six Earth-like planets to sustain the present human population in the high-energy, high-consumption style that is the hallmark of the current global civilisation. Not all of the seven billion have achieved that lifestyle yet, but they all want it and most of them are going to get it." This is a recipe for the end of everything, not equity and justice. We need to rethink what we're doing, reconfigure it, not just scale it up.

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