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Miguel Guhlin writes, "Isn't it amazing that self-directed learning is one of the key ways folks learn more in this report? Isn't self-directed learning (what) some may characterize as personalized learning? Could choosing the right technology tool to implement in your school district help students be more self-directed learners?"

No doubt, but let me take this opportunity once again to sistinguish between personal learning and personalized learning:
- 'personal learning' is when yopu create your own learning - self-directed learning is the typical instantiation of personal learning
- 'personalized learning' is when someone else creates some standard learning, and then tailors it ('personalizes' it) for you.

Companies can sell you 'personalized' learning, but only you can produce personal learning. Schools, as well, allow very little 'personal learning' (though they might make some time for personalized learning). That makes all the difference in the world!

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