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Some good commentary from Brian Lamb on the whole "zeal before pragmatism" problem. "In this transcript, Moglen certainly fits the role of the relentless zealot, and in posting the transcript Jeffries plays the victim card without shame." But I wonder how much of the 'zeal versus pragmatism' problem is actually a made-up problem. Jeffries complains about banks using Facebook to create cxredit scores, Moglen says she shouldn't use Facebook then - zedal before pragmatism? But this isn't even the real story, the real story is where Moglen says "(Zuckerberg) he has done more harm to the human race than anybody else his age. Because he harnessed Friday night." Quite so, and this is the real story, and we get "zeal versus pragmatism" only because the reporter wants to do nothing more than recite clich├ęs.

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