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Interesting first-person reflection from a staffer at the World Bank on mobile learning in developing nations. "A long-anticipated new era of hype is now upon us, taking firm root in the place where the educational technology and international donor communities meet, with 'm-' replacing 'e-' at the start of discussions of the use of educational technologies." And here I thought the next big letter would be r-. Oh well. I now predict that the next big letter (after e-, i-, and m-) will be p-. He continues, "I do often feel that many of the discussions around 'm-learning' end up sounding a lot like general discussions of ICT use in education... (but) I do think there is something fundamentally different about the potential for mobile devices. My hope is that, given all of the groups now considering this an increasingly important priority area for action of some sort, in 2012 practical insights into what this mobility might mean for both educators and learners based on real life experiences."

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