Wikipedia:SOPA initiative/Action

Various authors, Wikipedia, Jan 16, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Wikipedia will be among those joining in a web-wide blackout to protest againt the American SOPA legislation that threatens to block DNS lookups against sites accused of piracy. If you want to join the blackout, there is a simple blackout script that you can add to the top of your page. See also this article. Reddit will also be joining, as well as some others. Anonymous is joining. There are some reports that Craigslist and Minecraft will join. Still waiting to see whether Google and Facebook will follow. Mashable says Google will. Twitter, quite apparently, will not. But tens of thousands of their members will. Adam Curry, meanwhile, makes some good counterarguments to the SOPA protest. But Michael Geist makes good arguments of his own explaining why Canadians should black out their sites for the protest.
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