Deeper Connections Matter More

Rodd Lucier, The Clever Sheep, Jan 11, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I love the image accompanying this article. I don't like the phrase 'deeper connections'. It's misleading. Connections are not 'deep' or 'shallow'. And none of the measures Rodd Lucier mentions in this post - being met face-to-face, online conversation, comment sharing, collaboration to create a presentation, or seeking out - is indicative of 'depth' (where, I guess, 'depth' would mean something licke 'more foundational', 'more detailed or complicated', or whatever). Connections are strong or week; communications through those connections are frequent or infrequent; signals are clear or noisy. A connection is not a semantic entity. Talking about a connection as though it were a sentence (or even a conversation) misrepresents the nature of a connection. In my view.
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