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I have said in the past that the role of the student in education is to practice and reflect (and the role of the teacher is to model and demonstrate). I am by no means the first to make this observation, and this post - which includes a nice diagram from Kolb from 1984 - draws from and extends the idea nicely through the work of Jenny Luca (her blog Lucacept – Intercepting the Web), a Teacher-Librarian from Melbourne. "Since I first posted my Taxonomy of Reflection in Jan 2010," she writes, "I’ve been on the lookout for good examples of student (and teacher) reflection to share with my readers." See also Creating a Culture of Student Reflection: Self-Assessment Yields Positive Results from Clyde Yoshida at O’Farrell Community School in San Diego. "He creates 'critique circles' within his students in 7th and 8th grade math classes."

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