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According to this article, "you can now earn official credits toward an M.I.T. certificate by taking their free and online courses. The school is calling the program 'MITx' reminiscent of TEDx." There's a NY Times article describing it. And there's a frequently asked questions page on the MIT website. Now none of this is live yet - the headline in the Edudemic story jumps the gun a little bit. MIT has a long tradition of announcing things well before they've done them (they will also now get credit for this idea even though it has been in planning stages elsewhere for quite a while). "MIT plans to launch an experimental prototype version of MITx in the spring 2012 timeframe. Once the open learning infrastructure is in stable form, MIT will also release the open-source software infrastructure and will establish ways for other universities, as well as interested individuals, to join MIT in improving and adding features to the technology." Update: see also coverage in the Chronicle.

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